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Choosing a nursing program

Choosing a nursing program is the single most important step in becoming a nurse. The school you choose, as well as how hard you work at learning, determines how well prepared you are when it come time to take the NCLEX. Ask questions. If possible, talk to graduates of the school you're looking at. Ask about financial aid. Poke and prod at your perspective school as if you were buying a used car from a salesman with a closet full of polyester leisure suits!

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Kaplan University Kaplan University's Bachelor of Science in Nursing program enables R.N.s to complete the education needed to enhance their skills to better meet the demands of patient care and qualify for new opportunities in specialized nursing and management fields.
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University of Phoenix
With convenient class locations as well as online learning, University of Phoenix makes quality higher education highly accessible. Whether you're seeking an associate's, bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree, we can help you reach your goal while you work-and much sooner than you might expect.
In fact, University of Phoenix has helped thousands of students achieve the higher education they need to achieve higher success. We can help you too.
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CDM Institute
Get the training you need today to work in a top field tomorrow. CDM Institute offers accelerated programs in business, technology, CAD, and healthcare for working adults. 92% of students in our 8-Step Career Placement Program land the jobs they want. We offer specifically tailored programs to meet the needs of employers today. At CDM Institute all of our programs are designed to get you started in your new career as soon as possible. You will not spend unnecessary time and money on non-essential classes.
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Boston University
Earn a respected degree from a respected and well-known school: Boston University. Their online programs allow students to study when and where it's most convenient.
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George Washington University
George Washington University's Healthcare MBA program can prepare you for a high-level career in the healthcare field. Study online, at the times and places you choose.
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Northeastern University
Earn your Online MBA at Northeastern
Northeastern University, a world leader in practice-based education, is pleased to offer its MBA degree program in a convenient online format. As a student in the online MBA program, you will build on your current career success, expand your managerial skills and knowledge base, and put your new learning to use in your place of work. You'll gain a solid foundation in all areas of business enterprise and be prepared to drive business growth in a global marketplace.
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Norwich University
Norwich University's online MBA is designed to help students like you meet the challenges of today's dynamic and fast-moving business world. Earn your degree online in the course of three six-month semesters. At the end of your coursework, you'll attend a one-week campus residency at our beautiful campus in the Green Mountains of Vermont.
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Sterling College
Sterling College strives for academic excellence through a variety of approaches to learning. In the belief that learning and Christian commitment are important to developing a well-rounded person, students are encouraged to develop a view of the world in God's terms. Sterling College's curriculum provides the student with a broad educational experience which is also deep enough to prepare students to contribute to a rapidly changing world.
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Vanderbilt University
Demand for quality nurses continues to rise, and management-level nursing positions increasingly require a graduate degree. Vanderbilt University's online MS in Nursing program has been designed to accommodate the busy lifestyles of working nurses. Take classes on the Internet, on your own schedule, and take advantage of the expertise and real-world experience of Vanderbilt University School of Nursing's highly regarded faculty.
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