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To give or supply in common with others

The following have contributed by supplying essential services, such as programming, testing, suggestions and reality checks to bring you cybernurse.com.

  • David Z. - Web Hosting, Computer Repair, quick fixer of my PC and friend.
  • Joyce RN - always willing to test stuff for me, and give me an honest opinion on site issues. She contributes many links. Please read about Team JoyWalkers and Relay for Life in Roxborough/Manayunk.
  • My sister Jacki, who provides me constant support and encouragement, and remembers to this day when I got my first computer.
  • My Children who have always supported this adventure.
  • Fellow Nurses and other healthcare professionals who help me determine the needs of the site and provide encouragement.
  • Most Importantly, my hubby, who calls me his dot com wife.
If you would like to sponsor Relay for Life and get a really nice write up on our site (hint hint), e-mail
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