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Ave RN
is currently working part-time as a Nurse of the Behavioral Health flavor. Her current interests are Tom (her husband), her children, her two grandaughters, fishing, canoeing and kayaking, gardening, Linux (a real operating system), and Cybernurse.com, but not necessarily in that order and not necessarily inclusive. Like JT, now we also have a VW Beetle and am fixated on it's repair and restoration. Ave is actively involved in Relay for Life and much of the proceeds from your shopping on this site, is donated to the cause.
Please support our troops. Also please get a mammogram!

is currently working in student health, at a large university and can usually be found doing home repairs, or VW Beetle repairs (the real Beetle, not the new one). His interests include Anne (his wife), Sammie (his future fishing girl), Jack (his future fishing boy), fishing, complaining that there isn't enough fishing, Cybernurse.com and of course, VW Beetles (the real Beetles, not the new ones). His irrational fixation on Antique VW's is only surpassed by his irrational fixation on fishing.

Thus far, the CyberNurses continue to author and update Cybernurse.com so that Nurses everywhere have a place to gather, glean information and in general, hang out. The CyberNurses work hard to bring you this site and hope you enjoy your visit.

BTW, this is a labor of love, the proceeds from the Amazon book store are for the most part donated to buy items for Relay for Life, and other sponsors, pay things like our ISP, domain registration fees, fees to license software, buy copy paper, an occasional ink cartridge and stamps, postage, long distance calls when we need to find an answer to a question that is posted, that sorta thing. You need a bunch of this stuff for maintaining a Website.

Feel free to drop us a line and tell us what you think or what you'd like to see here.

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